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HOTSPOT is always committed to giving you the highest quality service.
Technical Information
A configuration and connection manual is available below.

Windows Vista
Windows XP
iOS(iPhone / iPodtouch / iPad)

Check the version of Adobe Reader installed in your pc. Version 5.0 or newer are recommended. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed,it can be downloaded from

You will need IEEE802.11b,11a, or 11g wireless LAN capability.
ˇLaptop or PDA with built-in wireless LAN capability
ˇWireless LAN card and laptop or PDA which supports a wireless LAN card.


* We recommend that you use Wi-Fi certified wireless LAN devices (terminals and wireless LAN cards).
* With IEEE802.11a, you may not be able to use LAN devices sold outside Japan because channels 34,38,42,46 are used to provide our service. Please consult your wireless LAN device manual to check for compatibility.

Individual users can sign up using one of three methods:
1) Online signup from our website.(Currently, only in Japanese)
2) HOTSPOT Registration Form by post
3) Registration at Value Partner authorized sales agent stores.

If you sign up online, a Login ID and Password are issued immediately, giving you instant access to the HOTSPOT service (for more details, see the Sign up page).

*Online sign up is for Japanese residents only.
*Online sign up is not available for corporate users.


After you have completed your registration, we will send you information on how to set up your wireless LAN. Configure your device to set up ESS-ID and WEP key following the instructions specified in your device manual.


When you are in a service area, turn on your mobile terminal and launch the web browser after confirming the connection. Open any URL (e.g. and it will bring up a login screen. Type in your Login ID and Password to log in to HOTSPOT and enjoy your seamless broadband connection.

Type http://logout in the upper space of the browser where you would usually input URL addresses. The logout page will appear on the screen. Click "OK" to log out.
* If you do not log out with the Logout button, the system will automatically disconnect the user within a few minutes after turning the power off or after leaving the service area.


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